Washington D.C. Trip News

We still have over 500 Polar Bear cards to sell, which have a profit of $9 of the $10 selling price.  

Starting next week, your student will bring home a box of candy bars to sell for their trip to Washington DC.  They will receive them during their lunch period and will only receive one box up front. After this box, all previous candy money must be paid before you will get any more. A student can get up to 3 boxes without those 3 being paid in advance. If you would like more than 3, you must pay up front. You will make 18.00 of the 36.00 that you pay for a box. DO NOT send in change.  I would prefer you keep the cash and send in a check.  All money is turned in the same way- in a sealed envelope, name & last period teachers name on envelope. If you are wanting more candy- you can write it on your envelope- 1-mix & 1-pretzel etc .If you have paid for all your candy & want more- there will be a small form to fill out next to the DC box.  DC box will be in student services as of right now. Refer to the page in the packet on fundraising & envelopes.  Any questions let me know at kmiller@margarettaschooldistrict.com
 Please monitor this website for more information.

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