Attention Senior Students. I am scheduling Senior Meetings at this time. At these meetings I will go over your Margaretta Senior Academic Record Checklist. This checklist consists of reviewing all the credits that you have earned in high school and the credits that you need to earn. I will also go over your graduation points with you. The criteria for earning an honors diploma will be gone over and we will see if you are on target to graduate with honors. 

Many materials will be given to you at your meeting. Some of the items include: the Guide to Ohio Public Universities, the Guide to Ohio Private Colleges, ACT/SAT information, the hand out titled “YOUR SENIOR YEAR”  and a copy of your non official transcript. 

Please email me at [email protected] or call me to make an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Lott


Available scholarships will be posted on the daily announcements. Each senior student will be emailed the announcements daily. It is most important that Senior Students check the announcements daily so you do not miss out on scholarship opportunities. 

The document that is titled “YOUR SENIOR YEAR” is available for you to view on this page. Please go to Guidance Forms and click on this. This document is very useful for you. It covers: Important numbers, addresses and personal information, college information, FAFSA information, scholarship information including application procedure, tips, recommendation letters, and sample resumes for scholarships. 


Scholarship opportunities will be processed through the Student Services Office. Following is a list of procedures that will aid you in making the application process as easy as possible:

  1. Be sure to either listen to the daily announcements as they are read each day or stop by the Student Services office and take a copy from the file on the board. The daily announcements are also sent to your school email every day. 

  2. All available applications are placed in the plastic file folders on the Student Services office wall. Feel free to review the requirements listed on the cover page to see if you qualify. If you do, please take a copy. If you do not, please return to the folder.

  3. Return to the Student Services Office by the due date listed on the cover page if you want the Guidance Office to process. If you wish to do this on your own, you can follow the due date on the application. You will see that our due date is a week in advance which gives us time to process our part. Do not expect the Student Service Office to be able to process your application if you bring it in a day or two before you need it back when doing it yourself. PLAN AHEAD! 


  1. Fill out your application when you have plenty of time to concentrate on what you are doing and saying.

  2. Read and follow all the instructions as stated. For example: Handwritten means handwritten; typed means typed; black ink means black ink. 

  3. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to complete your application by the deadline.

  4. Prepare a student information sheet of your personal information and activities for use in addition to your application. (Samples are included within the “Your Senior Year” packet). 

  5. Make sure that you meet all of the qualifications that are required. 

  6. Be sure to give those who are writing recommendation letters for you plenty of time to compose them.

  7. Don’t be afraid to elaborate on your accomplishments.

  8. Keep all your papers and materials neat and unfolded. Turn your application in paper clipped together so you do not lose any parts of it.

  9. Be creative and professional with the appearance of your application.

  10. SELL YOURSELF !!!!!!


Please take into consideration the following information when deciding who will be composing a recommendation letter for you.

  1. Be courteous enough to give the person who you ask plenty of time to consider what to write, to gather information, and to compile this into a letter for you. At least two weeks prior to the due date should be appropriate.

  2. Choose someone you know and respect.

  3. Choose someone who can speak about your character.

  4. Make sure that you follow instructions on the application as to who you ask such as teacher, minister, counselor, etc….

  5. If you need a letter from a teacher make sure it is a current teacher.

  6. Make sure that the person writing your recommendation letter addresses the request made of them for the content of the letter.

  7. Choose a teacher from a class that you excel in so they can express your academic achievement. 

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