Our Mission & Strategic Plan

District Mission

Empowering and supporting student success by nurturing unique abilities and passions.

• Success breeds success. 
• All students have the opportunities to learn. 
• Every student deserves the opportunity to feel successful. 
• It is important to help students make informed decisions about their career. 
• Margaretta Local School District provides a physical and psychological environment that is safe and welcoming for all. 
• Margaretta Local School District provides all students opportunities to explore career options and experiences. • Technology should be incorporated into all grade levels and subjects. 
• Margaretta is a close-knit community that supports the school district. Generations choose to live and stay in the community. 
• Educators must work collaboratively to analyze student data and make the best decisions based on that data to meet the needs of the individual student. 


1. Academic Achievement - 100% of our students will show academic success.

2. Climate - By June 2025, Margaretta Schools will establish and fully implement an effective communication system for all district residents, employees, and students to create a climate where others are informed and feel valued.

3. Career Development - Our middle school will offer career exploration classes (STEM/STEAM) to expand their knowledge of what they are interested in and what they wish to explore by having 100% of our freshmen to explore at least one career/workplace study experience.

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