One Call Now

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is my primary phone number?

This is the number you indicated as the primary number on the Emergency Medical Authorization Form. If that number has changed from previous years, it may take some time before it is updated. If you believe we have the incorrect primary phone number listed, please email [email protected] or contact your building secretary.

My primary phone number has changed. What should I do?

Complete a Change of Address/Number Form and submit it to your building secretary. We will make the change for you.

Can I add more phone numbers?

By clicking on the Family Profile Link above, you can add additional numbers to your account. You must enter the last name of the student and the primary phone number on file prior to adding additional numbers. Once these numbers are accepted by the group administrator, they will be used for notification. Please be aware that these additional numbers you add will receive early phone calls when there are school delays and cancellations.

What types of calls will I receive from Margaretta Schools?

Routine messages will be reminders of upcoming school events, delays in transportation services or notification of weather delays and cancellations. Emergency messages will be used during situations where our students or staff members' safety is in immediate jeopardy. These messages will include information concerning lockdowns or evacuations.

What number shows up on my caller ID?

When Margaretta Schools initiates a message, the One Call Now number that will display on your caller ID is 1-877-698-3261.

What time will I receive a call if the school is delayed or closed?

You will receive a call at approximately 6:00 a.m. if the decision has been made to delay or cancel school. Radio and TV stations will still be notified.

I did not hear/receive a message. Can I listen to it again?

You can call 1-877-698-3261 (toll free) and press option # 1. You may be prompted to enter your primary phone number or any other number associated with your account before the latest message is replayed.

Can I remove myself from the One Call Now call list?

There is an option at the end of every call to remove yourself from the list. However, we do not encourage this. There may be times when emergency messages are sent out to parents and it is our hope that we can reach all of our families immediately.

Why does One Call Now call me back and repeat the message?

One Call Now recognizes if a caller hangs up before the completion of the message. If this occurs within the first 20 seconds, One Call Now will consider it a dropped/unaswered call and will the repeat the entire process.
Margaretta Schools uses an automated notification system via One Call Now. This system will enable the district to quickly notify parents and students of situations within the district. The most obvious of these are two-hour delays and school cancellations, but the system is capable of much more.
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