April 2, 2020 Update - Additional Assignment Delivery Information

Due to the governor’s most recent order to keep schools closed through May 1st, we will continue meal pick-ups next Monday, April 6th from 10:30-12:30 at Margaretta Elementary at the parent pick-up loop off of Maple Ave.  We will once again provide 5 days worth of meals. There is no need to sign up. Meal pick-up will continue through the scheduled Spring Break as well.

If students are in need of a device, please call (419) 504-1606 and leave a message. The device can be picked up Monday at the next meal pickup.

New weekly assignments will be posted ONLINE beginning next Monday.  Students and parents should NOT come pick up or drop off assignments. It is important all assignments are completed, especially for athletic eligibility purposes.  To assist students and families in staying organized and to eliminate some stress, the following will be the class schedule students should follow:

Mondays and Wednesdays - Math and science
Tuesdays and Thursdays - English, social studies, and electives
Fridays - Review, catch up on assignments or extra support sessions if needed.

There will be no work assigned during spring break from April 10-April 17.

Request Records/ Transcript

Request for Records/Transcript

Custodial parents and guardians are entitled to review or copy their students' school records, including all academic and discipline files. These records are kept at the school where your child attends and may be requested directly from the school.

Once a student reaches 18 years of age, only the student can authorize release of his/her record. This means that parents/guardians of students who are 18 or older cannot request or receive their student's record without written authorization or a Request for Transcript form signed by the student.

Transcript requests may be made via email to ckeller@margarettaschooldistrict.com fax to 419-684-9003, in person during Board of Education business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday), or by mail:

Margaretta Board of Education
305 S Washington Street
Castalia, OH 44824
Attn: Transcript Request

Please allow 7 to 10 days for processing.
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